Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ode to My Fellow Booze-Slingers

We are the night crawlers,
restless adventurers,
craving intense doses of interaction with strangers,
each night a new slew of faces,
a story here and a shot of Beam,
three Absolut Cokes and a Redbreast neat to table twenty three.
We are the insane jugglers on a crowded stage
bathed in intoxication and bar light and 
loving every miserable second of it all,
the madness and the beautiful women,
dropped drinks and the joy in your eyes.

We sleep when you work. 
We work when you play. 
We play when you sleep. 

Good morning, good night, 
it's all relative anyway.

1 comment:

Spencer Wyatt said...

Yo son!!!! Butter!!!!!!! Had me hooked from the title not to mention the content!